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Export Herbs for Import and Export is an Egyptian owned and managed company growing, processing and exporting herbs, spices, seeds, dry herbal flowers and essential oils. Our herbs are both sun-dried and machine-dried.

Our trading company originally started in 2008 as Egypt Herbs by an Entrepreneur who identified the market for Egyptian herbs into Europe, Asia and other parts of the globe. Export Herbs manages the export and marketing functions of Egypt Herbs. We are also HACCP and ISO certified; ISO 22000:2005 Category:E. Export Herbs for Import and Export is also a trusted member of the Agricultural Export Council.
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Our network consists of a congregation of farmers, retailers and wholesalers who have over 60 years experience in herb production.
Not only do we use the most suitable methods for growing the herbs, we also have custom made machinery in our factories to clean, dry and crush the herbs. Packaging takes place within our factories until the final step of exporting the herbs to our clients.
We are fully aware of the importance of quality with regards to our service and products. Export Herbs main aim is to export high quality herbs in its raw state. We also strive for orders reaching its destination within the shortest possible time and maintaining competitive market prices.
Our herbs are farmed, processes and stored in the surrounding areas of the Fayoum Governorate in Egypt. We also follow a strategy of providing farmers their payment immediately after receiving crops so that farmers may continuously grow high quality herbs.
Our orders have reached countries such as Bulgaria, Singapore, Malaysia, Germany, Poland, Turkey, Iran, Tunisia, Georgia, Russia, Ukraine, Serbia, South Korea, Austria, Hungary, United Kingdom and Australia. It has been an exciting decade of herbs exporting and we look forward to the future.  

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