Pumice Stone Testimonials

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Although Export Herbs is one of the first Egyptian based companies to offer bulk export of black pumice stones, its popularity and use are definitely not as new.  Made from volcanic actives, the rock is made by magma and it gets its form and strange shape due to the water around the volcano. It doesn’t get enough time to shape into a solid rock and is therefore as porous as one finds it.

Pumice Stone testimonials

It literally heals one’s heels. Most people doubt how such a porous stone could be so effective in getting rid of dead skin from the heels. Needless to say, most women noticed a significant difference from the first use.  Pumice Stone testimonial2s

To use this stone, you should wet the feet and gently scrub the dead skin. Where the heels are concerned, you should apply some pressure, but on other parts of the feet, one should gently scrub of dead skin like calluses. You will feel the skin become smooth and smaller heel cracks will literally disappear. When this is done, dry your feet and apply a lotion. For badly damaged heels, you may need to repeat this process every time you take a bath or shower. In no time your feet will be smooth again.


Here is what satisfied users of this stone had to say:

Willemien from South Africa:

I wear open shoes all the time which means my heels are always cracked. As I became older, creams stopped working and ordinary heel stones didn’t do the trick. Since I received one of these stones as a gift, I used it daily and now I have really smooth heels.

Monica from Portugal:

My heels are really soft, and I keep them soft thanks to this magic black stone.

Mariana from Germany:

I have the worst heels on earth. (or should I say had). I tried every cream, whether over the counter or prescription creams. I even used heavy duty sand paper and nothing worked. Some of my methods even caused my cracked heels to bleed. I then received a pumice stone from a friend and wasn’t sure that such a light weight stone with such big holes could do much. Was I surprised! In about one week of using it twice daily, I saw a difference. It also wasn’t painful to use even though I scrubbed with force on my badly damaged heels. It is also so durable. I have been using the exact same stone for a few years now and it still seems to have its original shape.


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