Requesting Samples

Written by: Export Herbs

As a professional bulk herbs supplier from Egypt, we always look out for a mutual benefit between ourselves and the potential buyer. We encourage them to request samples and we never hesitate sending the requested samples. Vasaka-Powder-Adosa-Bulk-Herb-Powder-Dietary-Supplement-.jpg

We usually send 100 grams of each product requested. This should suffice for testing and determining quality.

When buying dried herbs in bulk, look for colors that are very close to the natural color of the actual fresh herb. Most dried herbs should be bright in color. Bulk blossoms should be deep in color.

Also rely on your sense of smell. Good quality dry herbs will have a distinctive smell. A good tip is to close your eyes when smelling the herb. You should be able to identify it by smell alone.

If you would like to request samples of any of our products listed, kindly contact us .

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