Keep Supporting Egypt

Written by: Export Herbs



In the wake an unprecedented mass uprising, not only in Egypt, but in the entire Middle East, these countries need the economic support of the rest of the world more than ever.  Countries that have been giving monetary support to Egypt, for years, have closed their wallets for the time being. It didn’t stop the Egyptians themselves from creating initiatives by which they were donating of their own wealth into the country’s economy.

It was amazing to watch television and listen to callers calling in with their donations. Within a few days billions of dollars was raised.

It is also very comforting to see that neighboring countries are supporting Egypt’s attempt at saving its economy.

This is the reason why the rest of the world should not overlook the products and services of what Egypt and Egyptians have to offer. The quality of the products is the same, and as for the eagerness of its people, they are more than willing to go the extra mile to offer the world their services and high quality products.

In the meantime, we hope that the rest of the world will hope for what we believe is the road to real democracy and a real future for this country. 

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