Why invest in Egypt now?

Written by: Export Herbs

Last month the Egyptian Minister of Finance had an interview stating that the current political crisis should be 

seen as a buying opportunity for businesses seeking investments or buying products produced in Egypt.We at Export Herbs couldn’t agree more. Egyptian business owners are working harder than ever to make ends meet and they are offering the same, high quality, products for lower prices. 


The minister felt that during these times, local businesses are giving more credibility and are showing greater confidence in what they offer.

One should note that the economic performance of a country slows down during a transition process, inflation is higher, 

budget deficits grow and of course, investors tend to shy away from the country. In normal economic circumstances, Egypt’s economy grows at 4.5 to 5% annually, and we all hope that this growth rate will return to normal soon.

To quote Minister Galal: "With confidence, investors can come back, tourists will come back, the economy will be activated, and the place will be more attractive, life will be better."









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