Some Of The Oldest Herbs

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IOldest Herbn our recent blog posts, we have been focusing on giving out information on what herbs can be used for various common ailments that people experience. Also, we have been posting on what herbs are mostly used in cooking.

In our future posts we will be sharing information on the oldest herbs, the most expensive and the most commonly used.

Let’s start with the oldest herb in the world, or rather known to mankind. That space goes to the Ginseng, being the top natural remedy to boost the immune system and prevent disease.

There are hordes of studies that prove the effects that Ginseng has on the immune system and that is why one can find supplements on the market with it being the main ingredient. It is easiest to digest by taking it as a tea, which can be purchased in stores and pharmacies.

There are also a number of other herbs that have been researched being the oldest and longest used by humanity.

Oldest Herb2We have mentioned Garlic in many of our previous posts and it should come as no surprise that Garlic once again comes up in such a significant list. This aged old herb is used to prevent heart disease and supports the immune system too.

Licorice is not commonly known as a herb but very much becoming popular for its antiviral effects. Licorice gets into a painful, contracted, tight digestive tract and coats the raw places, relaxes the clenched-up muscles and acts as a local anti-inflammatory.

Scientific studies have shown that milk thistle extract regenerates, regulates and strengthens liver functions. Because free radicals attack the liver, primarily the fat tissue in the liver, the antioxidant qualities of milk thistle are extremely beneficial.

That was just a few of the oldest herbs known to mankind, but it must mean something that it is actively used until now.

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