Why is Cardamom so Expensive?

Written by: Export Herbs

ICardamomn Sapa, Vietnam, Cardamon grows just about everywhere in the mountain ranges and jungle. It grows on the steep cliffs and mountain hillsides. Cardamom is also grown in Indi and Mexico in similar mountainous areas. Guatemala is however the largest producer in the world and in fact, it has been produced since the year 1914.

The point is, cardamom is hard to grow and even harder to harvest. This particular herb is only harvested between October and December each year. That means only three months of harvest needs to be enough for nine months of demand.

In food, whole cardamom pods are used. It is a common ingredient in cooking and baking of Indian dishes. Scandinavian breads are also baked with it. In the Middle East, it is used in some sweets and even flavoring of coffee and tea. In Egypt, people add a handful of pods to a boiling pot of meat. It adds flavor to the stock that will be created from boiling the meat.

Seeing as it is a herb, it is no wonder that Cardamom has medicinal qualities. It can be placed in the mouth for teeth and gum problems and also be taken to heal a sore throat. Furthermore, it has proven useful in the treatment of digestive disorders. It can break up kidney stones and gall stones.

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