Herbs That Are The Easiest To Grow

Written by: Export Herbs

Most herbs are very easy to grow. You can nearly plant them everywhere and anywhere. The older generation would argue that herbs grow best when planted among flowers and other shrubs, not necessarily ones that can be eaten.

Also, as long as the soil will never be covered in snow, you can plant in anywhere. It must be said that herbs tend to grow better when in pots or containers. This has an added benefit, you can simply grow them in pots while they stand in the kitchen window!

Here are some of the herbs that are easiest to grow:

Rosemary grows very well in small pots and can adapt inside and outside. It doesn’t need a lot of water, in fact, it requires less water than most plants.

Thyme is nearly like a ground cover so it tends to grow very quickly. It spreads along the edges of plant beds and can withstand most kinds of weather.

Oregano is also very much a ground cover. It grows very easily and doesn’t need too much sun, shade or water.

herb garden

Chives grow really well in soil. I would recommend planning them next to other traditional vegetables such as carrots, tomatoes and beans.

Lemon Grass is very easy to grow and actually has a lovely shape. Again, it grows better in a pot and doesn’t need a lot of tending to. It is perfect to place in a kitchen with its fresh lemon smell.

Parsley, all kinds of parsley for that matter, grow very easily and fast. Here is where I would agree that some herbs grow better when planted between flowers and shrubs. The Italian parsley can grow so lusciously that it outshines geraniums and daisies! It would also be one of the herbs that is best to grow for cooking uses. You can simply pick off as many as you want to use without fearing that the plant will be damaged.

Cilantro looks very much like parsley, so you would need to smell it to be sure you have the right herb. It grows just as easily as parsley and also doesn’t require much sun or shade.

Mint is a super herb to plant. They grow best when in pots and they definitely don’t need a lot of fuss. Keeping a peppermint plant in the kitchen means flies will steer clear of the area. When you plant any form of mint in a container, it simply fills up the space, and it is a beautiful, lusciously green plant!

Basil is a must-have herb for any herb garden, simply for the exceptional smell, but it is a bit trickier to grow. They don’t usually grow well when replanting baby plants, but if you keep nipping off the flowers, they should grow into strong plants.

So all in all, herbs grow much better in pots and containers and they don’t need a lot of water. They grow best in areas with equal sun and shade during the various times of the day. Once a herb is settled well in a pot, you can easily keep them indoors provided they get ample sunlight during the day.

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