Product Rigging Alert

Written by: Export Herbs

We just discovered that one of the herbs processing factories in Egypt have been rigging dried herbs in order to manipulate the pricing in the market.

At the moment, crushed Marjoram is selling at very high prices. 80% purity Marjoram is priced at $2000 per Metric Ton. 99% purity Marjoram is reaching prices of $3000 per Metric Ton. At these high prices it is not easy to sell.

What certain processing factories are now doing is to crush dried olive leaves and adding it to the crushed marjoram. This allows them to quote as low as $1600 per Metric Ton, but the client is receiving 50% purity instead of 80% or 99%.

To be more precise, this rip off strategy affects Oregano and Basil from Egypt too. Dark green olive leaves are crushed to mix with the Marjoram. The lighter yellow olive leaves are mixed with Oregano and Basil.  A buyer will not be able to notice this from a photo.

We are absolutely appauled by what is going on and we ceased all orders from the particular processing factory. We are also launching our own investigation to determine how many factories are doing the same.

We at Export Herbs urge you to always ask for samples before deciding on an exporter. Furthermore, an exporter who is honest and trusts his product will encourage a company representative to be present during the packing of the bags and container. In the event of buying Marjoram, Basil and Oregano from Egypt, strongly consider being present.

Olive crushed

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