Doing Business In Egypt Can Be Challenging

Written by: Export Herbs

Egypt is one of the most powerful forces in the Arab world, having a highly developed economical and social structure, together with an abundant source of labor. The country is also known for its high quality produce and products.

Through many years of Egyptian businesses taking advantage of foreign investors, and vice versa, it has become ever so challenging to establish long lasting business relationships with foreign countries. Understanding a Egypt’s business culture, working practices, protocol and etiquette, and communication styles is important in establishing superior business relationships with long term transactions in mind.

One of the most important aspects to take into consideration is that Egypt is an Islamic country. Their personal, economic and legal lives will therefore be based on Islamic principles.

Using titles when doing business with Egyptians is a big deal. Not so much do they prefer to be called by title, but do they always correspond by titles, whether in written communication or spoken conversations.

It is also not uncommon for a business owner to invite their foreign contacts to Egypt. This doesn’t mean they will host the person and pay for the flights and accommodation, but it is a sign of good faith that the company’s doors are open for them to come and see what they are planning on buying.

Egy economy

The key to doing sound business in Egypt is patience. This is mainly true in negotiations. In all forms of communication, it isn’t advised to be pushy or hostile in price negotiations. It will most likely work against you because they are always looking for mutual benefit. If your tone suggests any form of dishonesty, the deal may be off in a wink of an eye as they will take such a suggestion very personally.

Having said that, it is very unfortunate that many foreign investors have been cheated by Egyptian owned companies – irrelevant of what industry – and the damage has been passed on to companies that truly strive to do their best and deliver the best goods. Export Herbs is one of the companies doing our very best to clean up this reputation by dealing with potential clients in an honest and open manner.

There is also the notorious legend of Egyptian timing. In a sense it is true that Egyptians seem to follow their own clock, but we at Export Herbs take our correspondence with our clients and potential clients seriously. We aim to reply to requests and follow up emails as soon as possible.

Egyptian companies really do have a lot to offer, even more so in the herbs export industry. Our quality is second to none in the world and we always offer to send samples of the requested products.

Doing business in Egypt doesn’t have to be challenging, Export Herbs can prove that. 

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