Poisonous Plants

Written by: Export Herbs

Most plants have certain levels of toxins which act as their defensive mechanisms against elements such as insects and animals. Throughout the years animals and humans have figured out which can be eaten and which can’t. In fact, if you were to eat a lot of applie, peach, cherry or potato seeds, you would die!

Lucky for us, we have learnt through the years and most edible plants or fruit bearing plants, have been bred to be less toxic.

Here are some of the most lethal plants that we come across, perhaps even on a daily basis:

The Angel’s trumpet is a plant that hangs from a tree and is part of the Petunia family. As beautiful as it is, if you eat a lot of it, you will most likely die.

The bulb of those beautiful Daffodils that grow in the wild are some of the most fatal of plants. If one applies the bulb to an open wound on the skin, it has an extreme numbing effect which can cause the entire nervous system, and heart, to shut down.

The Rhododendron is a plant that you will find in many home gardens. It is beautiful, big and colorful in reds and pinks. The plants contain andromedatoxin, which can cause brutal pain, lethargy, depression, vomiting and nausea, progressive paralysis, coma and eventual death. All parts are deadly.

The Water Hemlock that is found in Northern African countries has a stalky root that has some potent toxins in the form of a sap. You are known to get severe seizures and die in an instant only from the tiniest amount.


The floxglove is a poisonous plant in all its parts. If you eat some of this in the wild, you will most likely start having heart problems which is as a result of nausea, vomiting, cramps, diarrhea and pain in the mouth.

Hydrangeas are also found in many home gardens, even in flower decorations. The blooms are known to give severe abdominal pains for hours, including sweating and vomiting. In some cases you can even experience a coma.

Who would have thought that one of the most used flowers for decorations, Chrysanthemums, could be poisonous? These flower heads are somewhat toxic. They only cause itchiness and may cause the skin to swell.

We have merely listed some of the most common flowers or plans around the house and neighborhood, but there are many more that should definitely be taken into account.

Don’t assume any flowers or plants are safe to touch, and especially to eat. 

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