Is Organic Really Better?

Written by: Export Herbs

We often receive requests from buyers who enquire whether our dry herbs in the forms of seeds, dry powder and dry flowers are organic. The concept of organic produce has caused quite a dilemma. In one hand you have conventionally grown sunflower seeds and in the other you have organic grown sunflower seeds. Both seeds have the same oil, nutrients and are processed the exact same way with the same purity levels.

The term organic refers to the process by which farmers grow their crops by practicing soil and water conservation and to reduce pollution. They don’t use conventional methods to fertilize, control weeds and they don’t use chemicals to promote the growth process. Organic farmers also don’t use sprays that don’t come from natural sources, in other words, none of the pesticide sprays they use will harm insects and birds in the nearby environment. Their compost is created by the environment itself rather than buying compost with chemicals to contribute to growth speeds.

The fact is that it is still not clear if organic foods are healthier. Researchers have time and again proven that organic and conventional products are equal in their nutritional content. With the business that Export Herbs is running, the only contributing factor is the use of certain pesticides during the growing process of our crops. This is why we encourage potential buyers to pay for a sample shipment so that it can be testing in their laboratories. We also provide potential buyers with SGS reports at their own expense before they choose to buy one or more of our products in bulk.

One of the main concerns when buying organic products is that it costs very much. In our industry, it could even double the price per metric ton. The reason for this is that it hasn’t been profitable yet for Egyptian farmers to practice fully organic farming methods as the climate and environment hasn’t been to the advantage of such farming methods.

Seeing as pesticides isn’t a major concern in edible products due to the strict control of them worldwide, it doesn’t make sense to buy dry seeds and leaves that have been grown organically. It a buyer can afford it and is able to find a trustworthy organic farmer, then that buyer is more likely to have a market that will buy the end products at a higher price.  Export Herbs strives to encourage our farmers to apply improved methods of farming. Seeing as our farms are mostly in the El Fayoum area in Egypt, we always hope and encourage that they apply farming methods that wont contribute to the further demise of our Lake Qarun in the area. The bird life and fish quantities have been affected by not only poor farming methods, but due to lack of education of the village inhabitants about how to take care of natural resources. Our staff members have attended worldwide conferences on several occasions in which these concerns have been raised. For Arabic audiences, here is a video excerpt about the concern and attempts to restore Lake Qarun.


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