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Factory Visit Nov-12

In November-12, one of our potential clients visited our factory in Abshawai, Fayoum. 

Requesting Samples

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Depression - herbs can assist

Depression is a ubiquitous condition that afflicts millions of people worldwide. In many cases, as prescribed by medical professionals, sufferers use clinical drugs as their means of coping with the disease. Through the years, there have been many negative publications over the side effects of these drugs.

It only makes sense to attempt a natural cure, and if not a cure, a natural means of coping with depression. There are some easily accessible herbs that can be used on a daily basis, or in one’s diet.

Herbs for sufferers of Diabetes

An estimated 46 million people with diabetes struggle daily with too little or too much sugar in the bloodstream. In the case of too little, which may come from complications by medicine, they experience dizziness, headaches, sweating, trembling and fatigue. In extreme cases, they may lose consciousness and comas. In the case of too much sugar in the bloodstream, the person may feel weak, fatigue, hard to breath, excessive thirst and once again, lose consciousness.

Most Used Culinary Herbs And Spices

The last few years have shown an increase in the popularity of cooking shows. Not a single chef, amateur cook, or wannabe chef prepares a meal without using at least a handful of various herbs and spices.

We decided to enlighten you on some of the most commonly used herbs and spices used during cooking and food preparation.

The Most Expensive Herb In The World

Saffron is the most expensive herb or spice in the world. It is derived from the stigmas of the purple saffron crocus flower and it can take between seventy thousand and two hundred and fifty thousand flowers to make one pound (0.45 kilgrams) of this spice. Furthermore, the flowers need to be individually handpicked in the autumn when the flowers are fully open.

Mint Hay

What a great concept of recycling for the lack of a better word. We recently added Mint Hay as one of our dry leaf products. Mint Hay is made from the leftover parts of peppermint plants. With all the growing and processing going on, there is quite a lot of leftovers and once we noticed people finding uses for it, we introduced it to our clients.

Mint Instead Of Aspirin

We recently blogged about our newest product, Mint Hay, and that it is used to extract peppermint oil. Today we would like to tell you that mint is a great, powerful alternative to Aspirin. Aspirin is the main component of headache and inflammation medicines.

For centuries, the Chinese have been using mint oil for joint pains, inflammation and sprains. Even the famous Hippocrates cooled the skin with mint oil.

Why is Cardamom so Expensive?

In Sapa, Vietnam, Cardamon grows just about everywhere in the mountain ranges and jungle. It grows on the steep cliffs and mountain hillsides. Cardamom is also grown in Indi and Mexico in similar mountainous areas. Guatemala is however the largest producer in the world and in fact, it has been produced since the year 1914.

Most Commonly Used Herbs for Health and Healing

Herbs are spectacular in what they can do. They not only aid in flavoring dishes, but they also hold medicinal properties that promote health and healing. It got me wondering what the most common used herbs were and this is what I found together with their healing contributions:

The Multiple Uses Of Hibiscus

We would have to say that hibiscus is one of the herbs that can be used in the largest variety of ways. No wonder we have it available in three forms, flower cut, crushed and teabags.

Dried hibiscus usually refers to dried petals and other dried flower parts. The dried flower parts are usually the actual petals of the hibiscus flower or more frequently the calyces, also known as the sepals, which are the petal-like leaves right beneath the flower itself. Both calyces and petals supply the distinguishing hibiscus flavor. Stems of the hibiscus plant do not have the same flavor or nutritional content so they aren’t used. Dried hibiscus contains vitamin C, assorted minerals, numerous kinds of organic acids.

Herbs That Are The Easiest To Grow

Most herbs are very easy to grow. You can nearly plant them everywhere and anywhere. The older generation would argue that herbs grow best when planted among flowers and other shrubs, not necessarily ones that can be eaten.

Poisonous Plants

Most plants have certain levels of toxins which act as their defensive mechanisms against elements such as insects and animals. Throughout the years animals and humans have figured out which can be eaten and which can’t. In fact, if you were to eat a lot of applie, peach, cherry or potato seeds, you would die!

Lucky for us, we have learnt through the years and most edible plants or fruit bearing plants, have been bred to be less toxic. 

Foods Against Liver Cancer

Liver cancer is the fifth most common cancer and the third leading cause of cancer mortality in the world. Chronic infection with hepatitis B and C are the main causes of this illness in humans of any ages.

We looked into foods that fight against liver cancer. Although it will not cure the illness, it is wise to eat well with the hopes to fight off any bad cells in the human body. Being informed of what we can do is one of the most important steps to take concerning our health. With so much information readily and freely available, we really have no excuse to study what is good for us, and of course, what is bad for us. 

Product Rigging Alert

We just discovered that one of the herbs processing factories in Egypt have been rigging dried herbs in order to manipulate the pricing in the market.

At the moment, crushed Marjoram is selling at very high prices. 80% purity Marjoram is priced at $2000 per Metric Ton. 99% purity Marjoram is reaching prices of $3000 per Metric Ton. At these high prices it is not easy to sell.

Doing Business In Egypt Can Be Challenging

Egypt is one of the most powerful forces in the Arab world, having a highly developed economical and social structure, together with an abundant source of labor. The country is also known for its high quality produce and products. 

The Amazing Health Benefits of Egyptian Black Cumin

It is believed that prophet Mohammed said that the seeds of the black cumin plant could cure anything besides death itself. Through the centuries, this plant has proven to hold significant healing and health properties which makes it one of the most potent medicinal plants known to humanity. Black cumin seeds have a particularly long and strong history use in Egypt. When archaeologists discovered and examined the tomb of Egyptian boy-king Tutankhamen they found a bottle of black cumin oil, which suggested that it was believed to be required in the afterlife.

Is Organic Really Better?

We often receive requests from buyers who enquire whether our dry herbs in the forms of seeds, dry powder and dry flowers are organic. The concept of organic produce has caused quite a dilemma. In one hand you have conventionally grown sunflower seeds and in the other you have organic grown sunflower seeds. Both seeds have the same oil, nutrients and are processed the exact same way with the same purity levels.

High Demand Of White Beans

Dried beans become staple food in many countries where food is scarce during the winter season. White beans are usually the most common kind of bean to be purchased in bulk to store for these winter seasons.  It is also one of the more affordable types of beans.

White beans are considered super foods due to the high mineral, vitamin, fiber and protein content. This is also one of the reasons why it is on high demand during the winter seasons because these beans leaves you feeling full for longer and suppresses food cravings. In the Middle East, people are known to eat bean dishes during Ramadan’s sahor for this very reason.

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