Dry, 5% Moisture

Process of Crop

Each crop has many cuts during the growth lifetime. It is transferred to a large open space for sun drying. A large cover is placed over the flowers to avoid contact with natural elements besides the sun. Packed in carton boxes for export.


25kg polypropylene bags

Shipping Method

20ft (13 Metric Tons)      40ft (26 Metric Tons)


CULINARY USES:              

It is used to make a popular Egyptian drink called Karkade. It is also used to make jams, soups and sauces.

MEDICAL USES:                                

It is used for treating loss of appetite, heart and nerve disease, colds and stomach irritations.


The chemicals in hibiscus flower helps in growth of hair and it makes the hair black. It is also used to fight of cellulite. The flower is also known to have cancer fighting elements. Read more here

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