99% purity, Admixing 1%, 5% moisture 

Process of Crop

Collected from farms, sun dried or machine dried at 8% humidity. Machine separation of stems from seeds. Cleaning any impurities. Packing for Export


25kg polypropylene bags

Shipping Method

20ft (13 Metric Tons)      40ft (26 Metric Tons)


CULINARY USES:              
The small seeds can be brewed and taken as a tea. Due to its nutty flavor, it makes for a refreshing drink on a cold day.
The seeds are added to casseroles and stews and in India especially, it is added to breads. When the seeds and grounded and mixed with honey and vinegar, it can be used as a salad dressing.
People who make use of Egyptian Black Cumin as a vitamin supplement will notice increased hair growth, hair strength and also improvement in nail growth and nail strength. It will also result in clear skin and may even contribute to fighting acne.
MEDICAL USES:                                
The entire list of medical uses can be seen in this blog post

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